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Cement Candle Holder

A candle holder that is designed to hold one 7/8" diameter candle. It was not originally my idea to have this shape be a candle holder. I can thank my mom for that.

Originally it was sketched and then modeled because I found the shape nice to look at. Spinnning it around in CAD was also satisfying, since, after a year long hiatus from Solidworks, I could still knock out a complex surface with relative ease. 'Complex' here is rather up for debate.

The mold has some drafts, a removable insert and was overall not the greatest experience to work with. Each time I would pour the concrete I would rush around my yard looking for a stick to mix it with. I've only made three, each time using a generous amount of silicone grease from a spray bottle I bought at the grocery store to coat the inner surface of the mold. It worked ok and I eventually found that a good way to release the thing is to dunk it in a bucket of 90C water. This softens the PLA and makes pulling it out a whole lot easier. I also found myself wishing for a vibrating table with adjustable frequency and magnitude. I imagine this would be the best tool for helping the airpockets float to the surface. That and a better stick than the first twig I find in my yard would make the whole process a lot nicer.

cross-section of the mold