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About me...

I have never been good at writing about myself but if I had to give it a shot it would probably start with explaining that I really enjoy making things. I have been like this since as early as I can remember. Perhaps from reading through some of my portfolio this much is already clear. So I guess I could also mention that I spend a lot of time on a bicycle; mountain-biking, gravel-biking, commute-biking and fixing bikes. My first job as a kid was at a bike shop. To wrap up my obsession with bicycles I will share a rather over-zealous photo of myself brazing a lugged bicycle frame, which admittedly I never saw through to the end (you'll have to visit Tony's website for the final product).

photo of myself

Besides the projects I cover in this portfolio, some of my more recreational endeavors include brewing beer[1], building a bedside table in oak and designing a concrete candle holder---all of which I try to neatly present in the following image.

collection of some things I have made

As for my education;

I am currently wrapping up my Master's in Machine Learning and Control at Lund's Tekniska Högskolan (LTH). Before this I was a student at the University of California - Irvine studying Mechanical Engineering. The two fields of study might sound similar---machines and mechanical things---but to the unawares, this is not exactly the case. While there are some examples such as reinforcement learning in robotics, and perhaps topology optimization for niche manufacturing applications, generally the two domains don't overlap.

My education in both domains were nonetheless a net-positive. That is to say, I learned something from both and I see this as a good thing!

  1. Notice, that I am not trying to claim I make a great beer, or even a good beer. In fact, if I had to rate my average homebrew it would be closer to a 5/10 than a 10/10. After talking with the experts (the brewmaster at my friends brewery), it seems like the next step towards making my beers taste more crisp is controlling the fermentation temperature. During peak fermentation the beer can jump in temperature pretty severely, stressing the yeast and giving the beer a slightly clammy feeling (not crisp). ↩︎

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